Error - Active Directory Help Desk -View Users

Good morning all,

I can’t reproduce the code of the following post:

I created the dashboard with the framework version 3.0.0-beta7.

My problem is that I cannot display the result via the New-UDTable command, it works with the UDToast command.

Here is the error:

Thanks for your help.


You might need to turn the properties into strings to avoid this error.

Something like:

if ($Session:UserObject)
                    $Columns = @(
                        New-UDTableColumn -Property Name -Title Name
                        New-UDTableColumn -Property Value -Title Value 

$Properties = $Session:UserObject.PSObject.Properties | ForEach-Object {
    [PSCustomObject]@{ Name = $_.Name.ToString(); Value = $_.Value.ToString() 

                    New-UDTable -Data  -Columns $Columns

I should be able to fix this in UD as well as we can have NewtonSoft JSON ignore self-referencing loops. I’ll open an issue for that.

Hello Adam,

It works, thanks for your help.

See the clean code for what wants it.