Enhancements on New-UDStep


New-Stepper’s OnValidateStep event is different from New-UDForm’s OnValidate event.
I think running closer to New-UDForm events would make more sense.

The current OnValidateStep event should change its name to OnSubmitStep and an OnValidateStep event should be created with other behavior (more details below).

OnValidateStep: should fire as soon as the user enters / selects / ticks an item in the current New-UDStep

OnSubmitStep: should behave like the current OnValidateStep event. Should be triggered when clicking the next button to go to the next page.

If you are using New-UDStep, please leave your opinion on this change.

@adam I love New-UDStep. Would this change make sense and be possible?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.19

I would like to avoid the breaking change, if necessary. I do understand your desire for it to behave more like UDForm. I think what I would propose is to add a new OnValidate or on OnValidateField endpoint that would behave like UDForm. The OnValidateStep could then we aliased to OnSubmitStep as well to be backwards compatible.

That would be great!
This is the only feature I was missing on New-UDStepper.