Editing Script fails

Hello folks,

I’ve installed the v 1.0.0 and running it with the UA.Dashboard and everytime I’m trying to edit an existing script, modifications ain’t saved and I have an error toast pop at the bottom right saying :

A parameter with the name “ErrorAction” was defined multiple times for the command.

Is there anything I can do to fix this or is it something you guys have to deal with ?

Many thanks in advance for your help and feedback about this !

Cheers !

This is a bug in the cmdlet Set-UAScript. I’ll get it fixed.

awesome ! Thank you @adam

When I try to edit on 1.0.1 I get this error, the API Call is to the hostname that is running the server and I can create, and run scripts with no issues. Just Update throws this error.

Not sure if this is related or a different issue.

This may be related but I’m not 100% sure. We are currently doing a refresh on the dashboard so I’ll make sure this works in the 1.1 release. Sorry for the trouble with that.

Haha not a problem @adam I’m just trying to get it fully functioning before I show management so they will buy a license :slight_smile: