Duo Dashboard and Tools Demo

Hello, earlier this week I streamed some dashboard development on twitch.tv, In about an hour and half I put together a new dashboard to show DUO user information, provision users, and even push MFA auth requests to the user. I have included a link to the repo below. Makes heavy use of a PowerShell module for DUO: https://github.com/mbegan/Duo-PSModule

Github Repo


Stream Recording


Thanks for this man, i just posted a question about getting search results from Active Directory, but i probably could have watched this first, looks like its the same type of setup that im needing, just running different scripts behind the scenes to connect to ADUC instead of an API. The form submits and response concepts are what i was needing to see and learn. havent watched it all yet, but im going to. appreciate these, i’ll watch all you can post.


Adam also has a ADDashboard in his github repository. Maybe this helps you too to get started.