Dropdowns in New-UDGrid?

Guys has anyone been able to insert a dropdown into a grid? Is this such a thing with UDGrid? Currently working on a grid that will require a user selection, the button on the side I managed to get but dont want to create buttons on the grid for every action :wink:


Also tried to add new-UDInputField the same way I did the New-UDbutton on the grid but nothing ever showed up.

This won’t work with the current version (2.1) because there is a bug but if you grab the latest AppVeyor build, you can use UDSelect within the grid.

Here’s an example dashboard:

 New-UDGrid -Id "Test" -Headers @("Id", "Select") -Properties @("Id", "Select") -Endpoint {

                1..10  |% { 
                        Id = $_ 
                        Select = New-UDSelect -Option {
                            1..10 | % {
                                New-UDSelectOption -Name $_ -Value $_
                } | Out-UDGridData

Awesome!, worked like a charm thanks a ton! On a side note I notice 2 things when using this version (latest build from AppVeyor), 1- formatting from UD-Theme (Definition elements) appears to have gone wack, 2- some components dont inherit theme settings, for instance charts and grids…

Ah. Nice catch. Looks like the theme tests are failing: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/adamdriscoll/universal-dashboard/builds/20285256#L1164

Another thing I noticed is that properties in pscustomobject became case sensitive in the pipeline… Some data that I was displaying in grids and tables wwerent showing, was fixed when I modified the casing in the customobject in cache variable…

Do you mind throwing some example code in here? https://github.com/ironmansoftware/universal-dashboard/issues/471

Sure thing… will post something now…

Noticed something else with my charts, some refresh, others dont, also seen some that will stop refreshing after some period of time.

@adam, question, I have an array with all these endpoints, how are they initialized? are they processed in a particular order? in parallel? Also when the schedule kicks in after do they execute in parallel?

$endpoints = @($EndpointServices1, $EndpointServices2, $EndpointServices3, $EndpointServices4, $EndpointServices5)
(Start-UDDashboard -Port 8999 -Dashboard $Dash -Endpoint $endpoints)

Just curious, currently running on an appveyor build, been seeing some perf issues, some delays on endpoints, could be the build, not sure… I probably will have to revert back to test and see if its specific to the build but figured I ask.

Are the just REST endpoints or scheduled endpoints? Scheduled endpoints should all kick off in parallel.

There all scheduled endpoints. Thanks for that information - much appreciated.