Debugging large memory use for universal.server.exe as service

we are running 3.3.4 and run psu as a service, when we have 4 jobs running every 15 minutes we see memory usage of PSU go through the roof, currently at 97% and static.

is there some way we can trace what is consuming the memory?

What environment are you using for the jobs? If you are using the integrated environment, try running the jobs in another environment.

Also results may vary depending on the module used. For example, pwsh 7 goes from 50~MB of memory used to over 1GB of memory used if I do ‘Import-Module Microsoft.Graph’

we are running non integrated workspaces, and pretty much run to best practices, but SQL transaction logs go nuts and we run out of memory. Now not able to run scripts for longer than an hour. Virtually no output, only writing to SQL and pretty much unuseable solution.