DatePicker not lining up to Textbox

I’m having an issue lining up the UDDatePicker object with two textboxes. I’m using a UDGrid inside a UDCard. Both the textboxes line up but I can’t get the UDDatePicker to lineup with them. The Date Picker is shifted up and overlapping the text box above it. I’m still new to UDApps so I’m sure there is a better way of doing this. Any suggestions would be helpful.

function Get-MyText {
    $date = Get-Date $Page:LastActive -Format "yyyy/MM/dd"

New-UDApp -Title 'Inactive DLs' -Content {

    $Page:LastActive = "2018/12/27"
    $Page:Interval = "0"
    $Page:DisableDate = "2019/04/03"

    New-UDCard -Id "ExampleCard" -Title "[Object Name]" -Content {

        New-UDTextbox -Value $Page:MyText -Label "CustomAttribute15" -Id "Cust15" -FullWidth

        New-UDGrid -Container -Spacing 2 -Children {

            New-UDGrid -Item -Children {
                New-UDDatePicker -Id "LastActive"  -Format 'YYYY/MM/DD' -Value $Page:LastActive -OnChange {
                    $Page:LastActive = (Get-UDElement -Id "LastActive").Value
                    Set-UDElement -Id "Cust15" -Properties @{ Value = Get-MyText }
                } -Label "LastActive"

            New-UDGrid -Item -Children {
                New-UDTextbox -Type 'number' -Minimum (-1) -Value $Page:Interval -Label "Retention Interval" -Id "txtInterval"

            New-UDGrid -Item -Children {
                New-UDTextbox -Type text -Value $Page:DisableDate -Label "Disable Date" -Id "txtDisableDate" -Disabled

        } # End of Grid
    } # End of Card
} # End of App
Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.1.1

I tried this on my instance,

I actually get a different issue than yours, presumably because of my custom theme:

I added a couple of line breaks between the text box and lower line.
Then updated the variant on those textboxes to outlined, now it looks like this:

So I’m pretty sure the issue is themeing/styling related.
Are you using the default theme or anything different?

You might be able to add a custom class in your theme and use the -ClassName on those textboxes, the same can be done for datepicker if required.

How do you add a line break?

I’m having the same issue. Did you ever figure this out? Afaik I don’t have any custom theme or style defined