Dashboard login using Windows Auth with IIS, how to set start option

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.4.6

I am trying to set up a Dashboard login using Windows Auth with IIS.
According to this document Windows - Universal Dashboard

*New-UDDashboard -Content { … } -LoginPage $LoginPage *
Start-UDDashboard {…} -Wait -AllowHttpForLogin

My question is how to set this start option -Wait -AllowHttpForLogin?
My dashboard ist allready running. An error rises when I add
Start-UDDashboard … -Wait -AllowHttpForLogin

Any help is preciated.

Hi Hong,

You’ll want to look at the documentation here: Security - PowerShell Universal

Thank you Adam for your reply.

What I want is to forward windows user who logged in through IIS to a Dashboard.
I followed this document Windows - Universal Dashboard.
firstly in IIS, I enabled Windows Authentication and disable anonymous authentication
secondly, in the web.config file, I set forwardWindowsAuthToken to true.
and the last step is described so:

Is this the right way?
if so, how can I add -Wait -AllowHttpForLogin to Start-UDDashboard?