Cron Expressions (Sort of..) not working for Scheduling?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.9

Anyone seen this before? My server time is an hour off from local time where I work from, but not 5 hours, so I’m not sure what the deal is here. Restarting the server (IIS hosted) does not make a difference.

These are the schedules.ps1 entries:

It looks like it’s a UTC conversion issue. The TimeZone string is one that is of the correct type (per Quartz) and using “Eastern Standard Time” also does not present the correct time.

Confirmed, by removing Time Zone from the file entirely, it updates it correctly:

What I think is happening, is when I define a TimeZone, it adjusts based on the assumption that the host time is UTC, so it sets the offset to run 5 hours earlier than the CRON expression states to. I can definitely imagine how this bug may have made its way to production.

@adam might be worth looking into? Or maybe I’m just really good at having weird fringe use cases that identify really atypical bugs :rofl:

Weird. I haven’t noticed this before. I opened an issue to investigate.

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I swear I just apparently abuse PSU in ways that uncover bizarre edge-cases :rofl:

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