Creating a Child Input or Form

This is more of a workflow question, just looking for some ideas of what others have done. I have a dashboard (just a simple UDTable) that pulls a list of requests from a database that need to be reviewed and either approved or denied. Upon doing either, I would like some sort of pop-up, child GUI, something, to let the admin add notes as to why the request was approved or denied. These notes would be included in the message back to the requester. I mainly want this for the denials, so the requester knows what they need to go back in and fix before resubmitting.

If at all possible, I would not like to navigate away from the list, as the person may check multiple requests to approve or deny, and would want to add the notes to them all at once. Is something like this possible, or has anyone done anything similar?

Edit: I thought of doing something like this, as a backup if I cannot get an overlaid child element: Create a Notes textbox that is only enabled once the user selects a line to Approve or Deny. This seems to work partially; I create the IDTextBox and set it to Disabled, then on the UDTable under -OnRowSelection, if the SelectedRows.Count -gt 0 set the text field to Enabled, else set to Disabled. However, there seems to be no event data when I unselect a row; if there are no rows selected, it does not fire the event to put the text field back to Disabled.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.11

I have two thought’s about this.

  1. If you want the user to select multiple rows or just one single row, then adding a button to the end of your list might be the best way of going about it. Using a modal dialogue with a form in it would work nicely. The nice thing about using New-UdModal is you can put that into a function that is executed on-Click, on-validate or on-submit and with that function, you can pass and validate the variables you’re passing through.

  2. If you want the person to select just one item then a select, or a list of radio buttons would work quite well. You could then present the form similarly to the way I’m doing it here. UDSelect -OnChange create new content - PowerShell Universal - Ironman Software Forums (

I hope that helps.

Keep in mind, I’m by no means an expert. I’m fumbling along learning as I need to do something new. But this seems to fit the question you asked. I’ve done this on a form that shows firewall rules. I’m now doing something slightly different for network zones.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will take a look at that.

The modal option, with a textbox and a submit button will work best I think. The question now is how to link the submit button to making the modal disappear, so the user doesn’t have to click Submit and then click somewhere else on the page to get it to go away.

You should be able to use Hide-UDModal to hide the modal after the user clicks the submit button.

Thanks @adam I missed the Hide-UDModal in the one example in the docs. That works perfectly.