Create Token without User

Is there a way to create a token (for use with an API), without having to create a user (identity)? The API is being restricted to a specific role, which the token will be a member of, and the user/identity is unused (other than having to be referenced by the token).

I’d really like an answer to this. I hate having to create all of these identities that will never be used (and, in fact, CAN’T be used due to them not even having a password) simply to create a token for use with accessing an API (endpoint). It’s messy, it’s taking up more space in the database, and it’s just not necessary in any other setup. The token is already going to be limited to specific roles/tags, so having to have an identity associated to it seems to make very little sense.

It’s not supported but you could raise a feature request if you would like.

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Thanks. I just submitted Create Tokens Without Identities · Issue #3185 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub.

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