Create hidden variable secret

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.5.0


We are trying to migrate some runbooks from Azure Automation to PSU.
In Azure Automation we utilize the Get-AutomationPSCredential cmdlet a lot, and we want to continue doing this in PSU.

PSU supports creating variables containing secrets, but they cant be hidden.
Variables - PowerShell Universal

Meaning if we add 100+ credentials to PSU, they will appear in the Creantial dropdown for each script.

Would it be possible to add an feature, to hide the credential from the script section? Meaning you cant execute the script with the credentials, but you can still pull the credential inside the script?

Sure. We could add a flag to variables that could hide them from the credential drop down.


That would be amazing! :slight_smile:

Only used PSU for an few months now, but im impressed on how solution-oriented Ironman software is - keep up the good work :slight_smile: