Connecting into Active Directory

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.1.2

I am trying to evaluate using PowerShell Universal in our business to work as a web interface to perform tasks in Active Directory and Office 365. My testing isn’t going very well because I am completely lost.

Does anyone have any videos or documentation that is a step by step to prompt for a user ID and look up that user in Active Directory and allow a simple change like unlocking the account or joining the user to a group? I imported a template to allow joining a user to a group but have no idea what to do with it after that.

Thank you to any who can set me on the right path.

Hello @markdmac honestly the only thing holding you back with this software is your imagination. I cannot stress enough to read the documentation I mean this is a good page to read to understand interaction on the dashboard page Interaction - PowerShell Universal
I know there is some templates available…also why look at re-inventing the wheel when there is stuff on the marketplace Ironman Software Marketplace - ud-activedirectory
Also just from an end-user using this software I have written numerous blogs here UDFLIX a Blogtastic Site on various custom components I have built for this awesome software…I hope this gives you some good reading material and some answers to questions?

I am apparently stupid, because that is the same documentation I am following. None of that explains to me (a non developer, I am a scripter) how to code a page with PowerShell modules, how to get values from a page and then change what is on the screen. As I stated I imported the module from Adam, but once I have done so I cannot find any information on how to use it.

So the only thing holding me back is a lack of documentation that makes less assumptions or a lack of knowledge on my part which should be curable through the documentation.

I continue to watch videos on You tube and this one comes close to a demonstration Video – Create an Active Directory new user onboarding website with PowerShell – Ironman Software but I still have a ton of questions. How does the page know what AD to connect to if you are in a multi domain forest? How does it know what credentials to use within AD? How do you import additional modules such as one for KeePass to grab credentials.

Hey Mark,

I reached out via email. Let’s chat this week.

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Yo @markdmac don’t be putting yourself down…I been using UD for a good few years…And yeah I was lucky in a way as I had been using powershell studio prior to that, so had sort of built a way of developing programs using powershell to get the job done. But even so it still took me sometime to get my head around using UD, and then there was CSS, and REACT and all these other new things I had to understand. Again not being a full on developer, I had to find out the hard way like installing a custom REACT plugin for firefox, then allowed me to press F12 in firefox and suddenly get a REACT tab which showed me all the data the various components on my page were holding, which then lead me to realise how important using an ID param on my components was to reference them with get-udelement which is documented here:- Select - PowerShell Universal
As I put in my first post I only believe your imagination is the only thing holding you back once you understand how to reference, and read components on your pages.
I see the master @adam has offered you help, which is the holy grail in my opinion, as @adam has shown me the light on some UD questions that I struggled with for hours and hours before plucking up the courage to be like why is this so difficult…But it’s really not once you understand a few core concepts…this stuff is documented, but like me you may find it easier watching someone actually do what your asking…I do not have multi forest so cannot answer that, I have used AD integration with dashboards but that was using plain old UD, not PSU, in thoery though this should be the same, just some names might have changed on some commands, its all here if you want a butchers:- GitHub - psDevUK/psUniversalDashboard: Powershell UniversalDashboard