Completely clear PSUCache?

Does anyone know how to completely clear all data from the PSUcache?

I cannot find a way to do this, which doesn’t make sense to me.
I know I can use the -AbsoluteExpiration when setting the PSUCache… but what if I didn’t do that?

and now have hundreds of keys in the PSUCache? I just want to completely clear the PSUCache to start from scratch. I cannot see a native way to do this?

Raised a ticket and Adam responded, for anyone that may come across this issue:

“We’re introducing a Clear-PSUCache command in v4.2 that will do what you are looking for.”

It would be nice to have a command like Get-PSUCacheStatistics or a Get-PSUCache -Metadata switch. Let’s us get metadata information to have an idea of what’s in the cache, memory, expiration.

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