Change some elements of custom theme

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 4.0.0-beta5

Probably easy to solve issue but im struggling with this for a day or so :slight_smile: Documentation does not help or im blind or something…
How change globally some styles in custom theme (i.e. font in AntDesign theme)
Im able to change font size using code

$Theme_override = @{
                typography = @{
                    fontSize = 13
Set-UDTheme -Theme $Theme_override

But it only affects default theme :slight_smile:
How achieve this for not default theme without creating my own custom theme from the scratch?

You should be able to retrieve the AntD theme and modify it.

$Theme = Get-UDTheme -Name 'AntDesign' 
$Theme.Typography.fontSize = 13
Set-UDTheme -Theme $Theme

Thx looks like its working. As I understand i can change other elements this way as well ?

Yep. You should be able to change whatever with that technique.