Change Selection Type New-UDTable


I build a lot of tools using stepper functions, in which a user queries a db/api/ec for a certain entry, receives a result, and is able to act on that result. I love to use the UDTable as a data display and a location where users can select entries for further steps. Naturally, I have integrated a lot of my tables to use the -ShowSelection feature.

Here is my dilemma. A lot of the time, I present data entries to the users that require only a single selection, and checkboxes confuse them a bit. Is there a way to change the default selection type from checkboxes to radio buttons, while still utilizing the simplicity of the -ShowSelection feature?

Any help would be appreciated!

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.8

not right now, but i can add this to our backlog

Thank you @AlonGvili much appreciated.

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