Change Colour of icon on button

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.1.1

Is there an easy way to change the colour of an icon on a button WITHOUT having the button as an endpoint?

I can achieve this with the code below, but this is nested in a UdDynamic, when i have a hundred or so of these on the screen they are seriously slow. There must be an easier option that i am just missing here. I would like to set-udelement with the button and change attributes, but the icon is a new-udicon in there, is this possible? seems such a waste of an endpoint!

New-UdDynamic -Id "Dynamic1" -Content {
	if ($Session:var2 -eq "1")
		$Colour = "green"
	} else {
		$Colour = "black"
	New-UdButton -Icon (New-UdIcon -Color $Colour -Size 5x -Icon beer) -OnClick {

# Change Icon
New-UdButton -Text "Green" -OnClick {
	$Session:var2 = "1"
	Sync-UdElement -Id "Dynamic1" 

New-UdButton -Text "Black" -OnClick {
	$Session:var2 = "0"
	Sync-UdElement -Id "Dynamic1" 

I have tried all sorts, New-UdElement which dumps a load of HTML code where the icon was…


Got it…

New-UDButton -Id "Button1" -Icon (New-UdIcon -Size 2x -Icon info) -Text '' -OnClick {
    show-udtoast -message "hello"

New-UdButton -Text "IconObj" -OnClick {
    $IconObj = (Get-UdElement -Id "Button1").icon
    $IconObj.icon  = @("Beer")
    $IconObj.color = "rgba(0, 128, 0, 1)"
    Set-UDElement -Id "Button1"  -Attributes @{
        "icon" = $IconObj