Can't use array param in schedules

I have no problem entering the params in a script, but when it comes to a schedule, it just won’t let me. See the below screenshots:

param (
[Parameter (Mandatory = $true)] [string[]]$SchoolCodes

From a script:

From a new schedule:

From there I can’t do anything as far as I can tell for it to accept the value.

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.5.4
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I was eventually able to get this to work by removing the param from my script, creating the schedule, and then editing the schedules.ps1 to include the array.

If I tried to just add it to the schedules.ps1, it wasn’t working. Maybe there’s something else I was missing.

Although the parameters have values, and the schedule runs correctly, the values aren’t showing in the GUI:

Seems like a few bugs to me. The 1st blank box is a string param with ValidateSet, the other one is an array of strings.

Everything is otherwise running properly, but wonkiness in the GUI.