Can the sort order of the git sync menu be flipped?

Running in 2.9.3 currently (though I think this has always been the case) - when viewing the git sync menu in the admin console, commits are listed in Ascending date order so the most recent is at the bottom - if you have a busy few days this can mean it’s at the bottom of the very last page of results.

Feels like it would be handier to have it sorted in reverse date order so you can immediately see the latest commit at the top of the list?

It’s a minor one, but thought worth calling out.

This has already been changed in 2.10. Someone else thought this was important as well :wink:


Wonderful - the community works :sunglasses:

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Looks like we’re back to ascending date order in 3.0.1…

Must not have been merged into v3. I have opened an issue for it here: Git sync status is not sorted correctly · Issue #1236 · ironmansoftware/issues · GitHub

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