Can run outside commandline tools from Posh UD

So when I first started using Posh UD when it was just a Powershell Module I was able to use third party command line tools such as azure az command line, but now since we have the admin console none of the commands are found, what terminal is being used to start the dashboard now and how can I tell it to load up my 3rd party command line tools. I have already added the directory to my PATH environment variable and it works outside of Posh UD using ise or vs code but when using posh ud it says the command is not recognized. Thank you #PowershellUnlimited

It depends a bit on how you installed PSU. If you are running as a service, any modules installed as the local user will not be found by the service account.

You can locate modules that the environments know about within the modules page of the admin console: Modules - PowerShell Universal

Environments support the PSModulePath setting that allows you to adjust the path for the different execution environments: Environments - PowerShell Universal

thank you Adam, I will try running as a service