CachePolicy feature


Can you tell us something more about the cache policy? :wink:

To simplify execution in v3, all dashboard pages are now dynamic. This simplifies execution because all the PS Code is now run in UD runspaces rather than some in the default runspace and some in the UD runspace.

The cache policy has been added to improve performance of pages that don’t need to change since they are all dynamic. If you set the cache policy for a page to Global, once the page is rendered, it will never have to run PS again to generate the page. This is how static pages were working before in UDv2.

New-UDPage -CachePolicy Global -Content {}

Next, we will be implementing a session-based cache so that dynamic pages will generate once for a session but then can be cached after that. It should really improve performance there as well.

New-UDPage -CachePolicy Session -Content {}
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That means if I using any type of changing data (loading API data into an UDTable) this feature should no be used … sounds goot to me … how long will it be cached?

Currently, it’s just cached forever but the idea will be to expand options for sliding window and time-based caching.