Bug Report: Tag selection broken

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.4.0

I started looking at tagging scripts and dashboards. Set up two tags, Active Directory and O365.


When I select either tag, both appear to be checked in the UI, and it only actually selects the bottom tag.


I created two more tags just to test with and the same behavior happens. No matter what I select, all 4 appear checked, but only the bottom tag is actually used. In this image I actually selected O365. The test2 tag appeared in the Tags box, as well as the Tags column for the script or dashboard after I save the change.


I’ve opened an issue for this. Targeted for 2.5.

The problem is when you don’t change the color (I know, weird). You can work around it for now by setting a color for each tag.

Yep, that fixes the selection issue. Weird bug.