Bug: API in 1.6 getting 400 error. Works in 1.5.15 and local PS

I downloaded 1.6 to test it out and copied over the configuration files and endpoints. I noticed some APIs kept getting 400 errors in 1.6. The same code works in 1.5.15 and on my local machine’s PowerShell console.

Logs from from C:\ProgramData\PowerShellUniversal - not much info here

2021-04-30T15:24:34.9144899-04:00 0HM8BVLMMUUGG:00000005 [INF] Request starting HTTP/1.1 GET http://localhost:5000/admin/libs/axios.min.js   (ca22a1cb)
2021-04-30T15:24:34.9152661-04:00 0HM8BVLMMUUGG:00000005 [INF] /admin/libs/axios.min.js (2a60faf1)
2021-04-30T15:24:34.9154288-04:00 0HM8BVLMMUUGG:00000005 [INF] C:\Users\aa65153\Documents\code\REPOS\PowerShellUniversal\UniversalAutomation\libs/axios.min.js (16be9962)
2021-04-30T15:24:34.9155158-04:00 0HM8BVLMMUUGG:00000005 [INF] application/javascript (a8c11a6b)
2021-04-30T15:24:34.9156320-04:00 0HM8BVLMMUUGG:00000005 [INF] Executing "Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.PhysicalFileResult", sending file '"C:\Users\aa65153\Documents\code\REPOS\PowerShellUniversal\UniversalAutomation\libs/axios.min.js"' with download name '""' ... (5a6f99a2)
2021-04-30T15:24:34.9157246-04:00 0HM8BVLMMUUGG:00000005 [INF] Request finished in 1.2446ms 304  (791a596a)
2021-04-30T15:24:41.1616409-04:00 0HM8BVLMMUUGG:00000006 [INF] Request starting HTTP/1.1 GET http://localhost:5000/api/exchange/mailboxstats/joe_smith@domain.com   (ca22a1cb)
2021-04-30T15:24:41.2413607-04:00 0HM8BVLMMUUGG:00000006 [INF] Request finished in 79.7531ms 400 application/json (791a596a)
2021-04-30T15:25:05.6722096-04:00  [INF] Starting groom job. (bad5cbbf)
2021-04-30T15:25:05.6722362-04:00  [INF] Groom date is: 3/31/2021 19:25:05 (464fdabd)
2021-04-30T15:25:05.6723572-04:00  [INF] Old jobs: 0 (be620771)
2021-04-30T15:25:05.6724497-04:00  [INF] Finished groom job. (ccb4f234)

IIS Error


Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.6

if you try to invoke this from the command line, does it work ?
from you image above i notice that the variable upn not updated try enter the email again see if the variable update

Running the Invoke-RestMethod on this API locally I still get this error

This is no longer an issue - we can close this