Azure AD authentication

First of all, thank you to everyone who works or helps on this fantastic project.

I started a dashboard based on the Active Directory Dashboard (

I then followed the documentation to have Azure authentication and take into account the MFA (

Once authenticated, I can run commands on the AD (ActiveDirectoy module) without problems, but it is impossible for me to run this command: Get-AzureADDomain

Being a beginner on Universal Dashboard and running an authentication through a website, I may not have understood well …

Is authentication on the Azure using the New-UDAuthenticationMethod command supposed to give me the right to execute the Get-AzureADDomain command?

I specify that with a simple Powershell script this command works (even with the MFA).

Hey @bryce426! And welcome to the UD Forums!

The endpoints do not run as the user you are logging in as. There is an open issue to support executing Azure cmdlets as the user that logged in via Azure but it’s not implemented yet.

Thank you @adam for the quick reply. I will manage otherwise in the meantime.
I have no idea of ​​the complexity of this problem: is there an approximate date of resolution?

I hoped it would be easy but I’m having some issues because of the mixing between cookie\JWT auth in UD. It might take a bit of work to get it worked out. I’ll slate it for next release because it’s just be around too long and it should be something that just works.

I’m trying to get minor releases on a monthly cadence. That would put this in the November release.