Automation scheduler issue in 2.0.3

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0.3

New schedules are created with “Default” credentials and environment
PSU does not let me modify schedules, it just keeps spinning forever while saving.

The only way to set up Environment and Credential params is by editing schedules.ps1, however because of this I cannot present this tool to my team of non-coders yet :slight_smile:

PSU lets us set environment and credentials in 3 different places: schedule, script and manual run modal.
I think setting them up on script is kind of redundant because both scheduler and manual run do not respect its values anyway.

Thank you

Here’s one more interesting bug:
Happens when creating new schedule on a script with Bool param.
According to docs, this should be correct way of defining param, so I am not sure what went wrong.

Note: This error does not appear when invoking manually. Only scheduling is affected.

I’ve opened a couple issues for these items. I do not see the problem with environments and schedules. It looks like that has already been resolved in 2.1.0.

I can reproduce the issue with run as settings.

I can also reproduce the issue with editing schedules.

As for assign environments and credentials to scripts, this has been enhanced and the setting is now properly honored in the UI. For example, if you set these settings on the script, then the manual run dialog removes the option to specify those settings.


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Hi Adam
That’s great to hear, thank you!
I wasn’t aware 2.10.0 was released so soon, will be updating mine shortly
I’ve also subscribed to both of issues you raised and will keep an eye out for those, too

By the way, I’ve also also raised yet another issue for Automation, but I have a feeling it’s in a wrong git repo - [warning] Failed to verify module and server version. Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed · Issue #118 · ironmansoftware/powershell-universal · GitHub

Should I close it and open it in instead, or just leave it as is?

Thank you

I’m trying to be a little bit better about the versioning. We released many new features in build version numbers during the 1.x time frame. 2.1 will contain several new features (nothing huge) but figured it would be best to increase the minor version when this happens.

So changes to major version numbers will indicate breaking changes.
Changes to minor version numbers will indicate new features.
Changes to build version numbers will indicate bug fix releases.

Can you open it on the issues repo? That one is where I’m tracking all issues.

That’s no problem at all, Adam.

I have now closed previous issue and moved it to an appropriate issue tracker:

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Hi Adam!

I am currently using version 2.1.2 of PSU and from what I can see the issue with not being able to save when editing a schedule still persists. I also cannot see the actual edit-button unless I go into the script details and go to the Schedules-tab. After making a change to the schedule there I get the “spinning forever while saving”.

Edit button not showing on schedules:

Also it seems that you cannot choose a credential and environment when you schedule a job if you setup your script with a chosen environment and credential(it just sets “Default”). Only if I leave that blank when setting up the actual script will it let me choose a credential and environment when setting up the schedule.

The edit button issue hasn’t been resolved yet.

This is currently expected behavior. If you set the environment\run as, then those are what they will always use. It’s not considered a default but rather a requirement.