Authentication API to Automation

Hello !

I’m trying to use the APIs to call scripts that are managed by Automation and I wonder if there is a way to catch the authentication token (bearer token) passed to the API and re-use it to call UAscript from the API script section ?

For instance, I create an API [GET] with authentication which is called /dev/:module/:method. This API can receive query for multiple “modules” and various “methods” routed, at the moment, with a simple switch like:

switch ($module) {
    "cm" { 
        Invoke-UAScript -Script "Import-CMConfiguration" -Method GET -Function $method 
    Default { 
        "module not defined" 

but in this situation, I have to import Universal Module, connect to the UAServer with authentication in order to invoke a UAScript and pass parameters and thus I’m wondering if Bearer Token passed to the initial API call can be reused to Connect to UAServer ?

I hope this is clear enough, feel free to let me know if I need to clarify anything.

Many thanks in advance !

Not at the moment but it’s certainly something we can add. I’ll put it on the backlog to get added

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