API Endpoint Script Start Delays

I’ve finally got logging somewhat under control and have discovered that in some cases on a loaded server there is a delay between the start of an API call and the time its respective script begins. Here’s logging of the two events showing them almost a minute apart.

2023-12-03 20:32:17.083 -05:00 [INF] GET /logicmonitor/collection/winvolumeusage/E:/serverX
2023-12-03 20:33:15.916 -05:00 [INF] /logicmonitor/collection/winvolumeusage/E:/serverX - Started endpoint script.

Other times there’s near zero delay between the two events.

I need to know more about this time period: what affects it, whether it can be detected and included in a timeout (I have a job-related timeout mechanism built in to the endpoint scripts but they don’t know the script started with some variable delay), or otherwise reacted to in some way. Does the Timeout parameter of the New-PSUEndpoint cmdlet take into account this period of time before the endpoint script starts running, or is it keyed in to the execution duration of the endpoint script specifically?

Thanks for any info you can provide!