API Docs permission issues

I am running into some weird permission issues with endpoint documentation

I created a /docs with the administrator role permission.


Looking through the logs I see that its evaluating my claims every time I refresh the page.

I am logged in with Windows authentication and my user role is an admin

This is working fine on another node with the same configuration. The only thing different is the one giving me the 403 is using an SQL backend meanwhile the one that is working is using dblite. Both PSU instances are running 3.8.12

Windows Auth evaluates claims on every request due to the nature of how it works. It’s using the cache though so it should be loading them from there after they have been evaluated. You can try clearing the claims cache by visiting Security \ Roles to see if that makes any difference.

Tried that as well. Even deleted the identity and tested with a local user.

Hmm. Let me try.


Didn’t reproduce on my end. We might need to dig into this a bit since it’s only happening on one node. Can open a case about this and send some logs?

Sure. submitted.