Any way to keep selected UD TAB?

Is there anyway to keep tabs selected when moving between pages?

For example, say I have 2 pages. Page 1 and Page 2.

on Page 1 I have a UD TABs component.
If i select a tab, and go to page 2, when I go back to page 1, is there a way for the tab to remember which tab I was on when i go back to the page?

You can store it in a Session variable.
I haven’t tested but I’m guessing that it would be possible to do so.
Or use global

What would I store in a session variable?

The event data from the tabs so it remember what tab it was on

It’d be great if you could show an example, when you have some time

Thanks for the help

Sure thing :slight_smile:
I’m not at my computer now and that’s why I haven’t posted a snippit of it.
But when I’m back I’m post it

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Seems this wasn’t possible after I raised a support ticket.
It is being added to V4.3.

Relevant github issue: