Alerting on failed jobs and missed schedules

Hello all!

First off, thank you Adam for this very useful tool!

I’m evaluating this as an option to replace Windows Scheduled Tasks and PowerShell Jobs that have been running some scripts whose importance has increased. I like the simplicity and focus on PowerShell compared to other tools such as Jenkins and Azure DevOps Pipelines which are a lot more complex and probably overkill for my use case.

Some functionality I’m needing I don’t see is available and maybe I’m just missing it.

I’m looking for a way to:

  • Alert on a failed job
  • Alert on a job that missed it’s schedule (because the server was rebooting or down for some other reason when it was supposed to run).
  • Re-run a job that missed it’s schedule.

I know I can do this manually in my script with a variety of methods but I’m hoping there is some functionality in UA that I’m missing that someone can point me towards.

Thanks and have a great day,

Hey @James,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for trying out UA!

These aren’t features yet of UA. In terms of alerting, we are looking at ways to accomplish this. Others have mentioned this as well. We have an issue that is similar here:

In terms of missed schedules, it’s something we could certainly implement. Feel free to open an issue on that GitHub repository with any additional information you’d like to include.

We are currently working through our next release. We’ve changed the architecture to be easier to deploy and configure. After we get that out the door, we are planning on knocking down these types of roadmap items.


Thanks for the response and pointing me at the GitHub!

The enhancement tagged as issue #38, the “Job Event” scripts, sounds like it could do the trick.

Running scripts that missed their schedules could be handled by a “On Server Start” event script as long as valid results could be returned showing what didn’t run by querying Get-UASchedule and Get-UAJob which looks possible, if not exactly straightforward… Of course, it may be that you’d not want a script to automatically run at some random time just because the server came back up. I’ll think through some things before posting on GitHub.

Thanks again,

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Is there a way to see the history of any run job? Or will that be solved in this feature request #38 ?

Job history can just be viewed on the jobs page. Or are you looking for something different?

No, its all there now that I run the new Powershell Automation, so everything is ok :wink:

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Evaluating this tool for work, so just to confirm, the latest versions of PowerShell Automation, will allow an email alert to be sent if jobs fail?

This isn’t in the 1.4 version but has been implemented in our pre-release 1.5 version. The feature name is triggers: