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If you have purchased a license to our products and have a question that is not answered on our forum or Discord channel, please contact support directly.

You can email us at support@ironmansoftware.com to open a new support case.

Posting a New Question

In an effort to better organize topics within the forum, please do the following when posting a new topic.

Include product and version information

To aid in providing a better experience for future users, please put the following block in when starting a new topic.

- Product: PowerShell Universal
- Version: 1.4.6

If the post refers to Universal Dashboard within PowerShell Universal, please use include the framework version you are using and any components you are importing.

- Product: PowerShell Universal
- Version: 1.4.6
- Dashboard Framework: 3.1.6

Correct Category

Please try to post in the correct category.

  • PowerShell Universal - PowerShell Universal, including Universal Dashboard with PowerShell Universal
    • PowerShell Universal \ Universal Dashboard - UD within PSU
    • PowerShell Universal \ Universal Automation - Universal Automation
    • PowerShell Universal \ Universal API - Universal API
  • Universal Dashboard - The Universal Dashboard v2.9 PowerShell module (pre-PowerShell Universal)
  • PowerShell Pro Tools - All features of PowerShell Pro Tools