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Bugs and Features

All user related bugs and features are tracked on our centralized issue tracker. If you have a bug or feature you would like to report, please open an issue. We may open an issue based on a thread. You can track issue based on GitHub notifications for updates on an issue.

Additional Support

The Ironman Software support team actively monitors topics on the forums. If you wish to notify us directly of a topic that requires our attention, please use the @support group.

If you have purchased a license to a product that contains support, you can open a support case with us directly. We encourage you to use the forums as your first place to ask questions.

You can open a new support ticket here.

Posting a New Question

In an effort to better organize topics within the forum, please do the following when posting a new topic.

Include product and version information

To aid in providing a better experience for future users, please put the following block in when starting a new topic.

- Product: PowerShell Universal
- Version: 1.4.6

If the post refers to Universal Dashboard within PowerShell Universal, please use include the framework version you are using and any components you are importing.

- Product: PowerShell Universal
- Version: 1.4.6
- Dashboard Framework: 3.1.6

Correct Category

Please try to post in the correct category.

  • PowerShell Universal - PowerShell Universal, including Universal Dashboard with PowerShell Universal
    • PowerShell Universal \ Universal Dashboard - UD within PSU
    • PowerShell Universal \ Universal Automation - Universal Automation
    • PowerShell Universal \ Universal API - Universal API
  • Universal Dashboard - The Universal Dashboard v2.9 PowerShell module (pre-PowerShell Universal)
  • PowerShell Pro Tools - All features of PowerShell Pro Tools