(2.7.0) Show-UDToast -ReplaceToast not working

I noticed the ‘ReplaceToast’ parameter on the Show-UDToast cmdlet. Either I misunderstand the function of this parameter or I am not using it right.

    Show-UDToast -Id tstSyncDraft -message "Syncing.." -Duration 5000 -ReplaceToast
        Show-UDToast -Id tstSyncDraft -message "Sync complete " -Duration 5000 -ReplaceToast

My expectation is that the second toast will replace the first, but it just goes on top of it. What Am I doing wrong?

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Hi @mieel
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This looks like a bug to me, could you file this on the git of hubs?

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Worth noting:
I’ve replicated this bug on UD version 2.8.1.