Update table from hashtable on button click

I am trying to create a page that will search through a hashtable I create using a local CSV and output the results to a table. I seem to have everything correct, but the hashtable seems to be empty. Can I use a local file to create the hashtable?

Have a look at my code here on this repository:-

Shows you what your after :slight_smile:

Looks interesting. Iā€™m not sure if it would work for what I am doing. I have a CSV I import, but I do not show the whole CSV as it is 13K lines long. I have a textbox that a user can enter a value into, and when a button is clicked it updates the $data variable.

I looked at having the whole CSV load into the table, but only show a few lines and have the filter option. The issue I saw there is when filtering it only filters that page of the table, and not the entire table

I figured it out. I needed to have the command getting the value of the textbox inside of the new-uddynamic content, as well as the $hash["$data"]. Once I did that it works how I want it to.

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