UDGrid with Subgrids

I’m trying to use the Griddle Subgrids feature. Basically providing collapsible rows. From the docs, it seems as simple as specifying a property named ‘children’. The below $Data, when converted to JSON, looks like the sample JSON data in the Griddle docs, but the expand arrow doesn’t show. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks …


Environment: UD 2.7, Powershell Core v6.2.3

New-UDGrid -Title "Group Memberships" -Headers @("name","location") -Properties @("name","location","children") -Endpoint {
    $Data = @()
    $Data += [PSCustomObject]@{
        name = "Administrators"
        location = "local"
        children = @{
            description = "Local Administrators"
            members = "sam"
    $Data += [PSCustomObject]@{
        name = "Remote Desktop Users"
        location = "local"
        children = @(@{
            description = "Contains Remote Desktop Users"
            members = "john"
    $Data | Out-UDGridData

The subgrid functionality of griddle hasn’t been implement in UD. Could you please open an issue for it?

Sure. Thanks for the response!