Toast bug 2.0.3?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.0.3
Authentication: Ws-Fed

@adam Im getting a really annoying bug in 2.0.3 where ‘Session Expired’ messages are stacking up in the corner of my dashboard admin page and no matter what i do they dont dismiss. You cant close them, if I press ‘Login’ they remain, clear cache, restart services etc, they still remain…

The only way to remove them is to delete database.db…

This can happen if you have 2 or more tabs and one of them times out. It will cause session expired notification to appear on each open tab. I changed this behavior for 2.1.0. We don’t persist session state in the database or anything like that so I would suggest ensuring that you have all browser tabs closed in 2.0.3 to see if that changes this behavior.