Scrips nor running when called from Page

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.8.9

I am using the “Free” version

Create a page with the Statistic tile it works great when connected to an API but when trying to do the same thing using a Script the script referenced never runs. The Jobs list never shows the job as running. If I run the Job manually it works fine. Auth is disabled for the script and the page. Log files shows the script being referenced. Following the example from the web site. Statistic - PowerShell Universal

Does it display anything in the static when you reference the script? I think that with scripts, it won’t actually run the script but will instead load the last job’s run data to load into the stat.

I was following the instructions just as set out in the Statistic page of the documentation. There is a 0 value shown in the Statistics box from the script but any numeric value tested with the API shows the correct value. When I run the script from the scripts console it returns a value and shows up in the Jobs list the job never runs when called from the statistic against a script. I see where it says that it will “Return the scripts last run output so it sounds right that it does not run the script. Not sure but it sounds like the script would have to be called as part of the load sequence will see if that is possible or I might try it in a dashboard, just wanted to start easy with the drag & drop pages. I will just API calls for now as this is only a POC as of now. One additional thing, when using API calls on the pages components you can only select the API but not add parameters to the call so it is somewhat limiting to using a separate API for each call. Something that can be done in the Dashboard so onward and upward. Overall a great product.