Scheduled endpoints only executing while the dashboard is open

This is a super odd one. I have two scheduled endpoints. One pulls in the contents of some .json files into a cache variable, and the other connects to an api, then writes a value to a database. Both work perfectly fine with one big caveat - I have to have a browser page open to my dashboard for them to execute. As soon as i close the tab, within about 30 minutes, it stops writing the values to the database, so i know the scheduled endpoint stops working. Does anyone have any idea why this is?

UDVersion: 2.9 Enterprise
hosted: IIS 10

Hi @artvandelay440,

Just going with a stab in the dark:
Could you try to set “Idle-Time-Out (minutes)” to 0 in your application pool settings.

If that doesn’t work: does the logs show anything relevant?