PSU - Parent job - Long execution time

PSU Version 3.3.4

We repeatedly have jobs that are taking 5 + minutes to execute. Here I have a parent job that is starts a list of child jobs. All the child jobs usually finish within ~15 seconds or so. My question is why is the parent job taking 5 minutes when it should have only taken around 1 minute in total.

Is there any other logs I could look into into figure this out?
Is there a performance hit from too any jobs getting invoked from api calls?

Here is a screenshot of what the server running PSU was doing at that time the job was executed. We had a spik in CPU utilization but it came back down and still had some head room.


I would recommend looking at the hangfire dashboard. You could track down if the job actually took that long. That said, let’s look at this tomorrow on our call.

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