Possible Bug for PSCredential with certain password character sequences

We are trying to use a Secret Variable - PSCredential and the password generator randomly selected a sequence that might be problematic. Namely '$_ appears in the password.

Unfortunately, we are unable to run scripts using that credential. We get 500 error when trying to start a terminal session. And scripts can’t run for this credential.

Did we trigger a bug?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 2.12.2

It sounds like you did. can you please check in the log to see what the 500 error is reporting?

Which log would contain the error? I couldn’t find anything. But not sure if I missed something.

We changed the password to get past it. Also, needed to add the account to machine local administrators to use it.

You can download the logs from Settings \ General \ Diagnostics. It will download a zip file that contians a bunch of text files and there should be a log message in there with the prefix [ERR]