Portable Version or Something similar

Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has created or can think of a way to do a portable version. I would like to have a local copy of the script on a enduser computer that they can run.

Basically, I am going to create a site that has some instructions and once the people do the tasks (apart of a training sort of thing / CTF) I want the page to auto update…etc. The hard part is I dont want them to have to launch the PS1 file. Obviously a PS2EXE doesn’t really work in this situation.

Any ideas? My other thought was to deploy it with IIS on the VM and then just sort of have it running at all times so they don’t have to worry about launching it, but at that point they could still find the PS1 file if they really wanted to, to strip it for the answers. Or I would have to obfuscate all the code so they can’t really see whats going on.

-Chris Oberlin

Maybe as an electron app , first thing that comes in mind