Performance issues with large amounts of data. Is it possible to serialize/deserialize UDTableData?

I’ve got multiple pages set up to display UDTables with big datasets (20,000+ rows with 4-6 properties)

I found that having the endpoints do the data collection and then display the data took 10+ minutes to load, so I have separate data-collection scripts running and serializing the data, so all the individual tables have to do is:

import-clixml [path] | out-udtableData

This improved load times, but it’s still slow (00:30s - 1:00) to move from page-to-page. Is there a faster way to do this? Maybe serialize/de-serialize UDTableData?

Out-UDTableData is converting to JSON. So if you stored your data as a JSON string (maybe just using Out-UDTableData), you could then avoid the serialization process when loading the controls.

You could also load the data into a $Cache variable using a scheduled endpoint to avoid reading from disk.

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