Looking for closed beta tester for open source project

I have been working for a support dashboard that will bee full open source. It’s called Franky and the goal is that it will replace every support tool that IT support and management etc. are working with and build it in to one.

I have much work still too do for example I’m working with VMWare modules (components) that are working today in in-house beta (not in closed beta yet) it replace the support Tool for Horizon View, DEM and AppVolume. I also have automated creation of VDI’s in vSphere.

But now what Franky can do is everything you can do in AD but also you have much more Computer information and for most everything is better overviewed simply in one place.

For example the computer functions are the following:

  • All AD functions (Search on UPN, Email, Username, CN, Samaccountname etc.)
  • See and stop processes
  • See, stop and start services
  • See autostarts
  • See installed softwares
  • See installed drivers
  • See scheduletasks
  • See attached displays with serial no etc.
  • See hardware information like RAM, free storage, Manufacutre, Bios, Serial no etc.
  • Delete local user profile

And much much more

So now I’m looking for closed beta testers for Monday as I need to fix some small things with the in-house beta first.

To qualify you need the following

  • PowerShell Universal licens version 2.6.2
  • Active Directory environment
  • GitHub knowledge

What I do expect from you

  • Give input, I’m open for changes in GUI etc.
  • Report bugs and feature requests in Issue in repo

It’s not a must but it would bee great if you also can push fixes to the repo. Even if it’s just fixing typos as English are not my first speaking language it can happen that I have done some typos.

As I did say before Franky is Open Source but I will have donation for it later on if people want to donate. I will just keep the amount of money that I spend for the project rest I’ll donate to charity. I’ll look after a international charity that are trustworthy with focus on ADHD and Autism.

Did release a demo of the AD group feature from Franky

In this feature you can do the following

  • See information about the group
  • See if the group are member of other groups aka nested groups
  • Export PDF or XLSX list over nested group memberships
  • Add the group to other groups
  • Edit all group information
  • Add and remove users, groups and computers from the group
  • Export PDF or XLSX list over group members
  • Create a new group
  • Delete the group
  • Change OU placement of the group
  • And much more….
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