Is there an easy way to tell what datatype a parameter is for New-UDInput?

for example,

New-InputField -Type checkbox

translates to

param( [bool] $Checkbox)


New-InputField -Type textbox

translates to

param( [string] $Text)

is there a way to find out what -type select,radioButtons, textarea, etc translate to in terms of datatype?

I found the types at

but simply changing tto [System.Enum] $mySelect didn’t change it. Feels like I’m missing something.


after some investigation into the cs class, it appears the select type will automatically be chosen if there is an enumerator. So to make a select, you’d just do

    "Account Access",
    "Network Connectivity",
[String] $IssueType


The difference bettween textbox and text area is defined if the parameter accepts an array or not:

    [string] $Title, # textbox 

    [string[]] $Notes # textarea
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