How to find switch strings in parameters

Hi Adam

Im using powershell universal in VScode and even though I go through documentation, I dont have really a way to find what are the values for some switch string parameters , here an example:

New-UDTable -Id ‘customColumnsTable’ -Data $table -Columns $Columns -ShowSort -ShowFilter -ShowSearch -ShowExport -DefaultSortDirection descending

This one is kind of easy, but in other parameters, finding the input for the parameters is not available in any documentation, how can I know in this example programatically , there are descending and ascending options?

Interesting question! I generally use get-help to find options, or look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Universal\UniversalDashboard\Frameworks\v2\UniversalDashboard.Materialize.psm1 for options, but this slightly falls over with your example above…

Must admit, i generally format the input object before rendering it, so New-UDTable -Data ($var | Sort-Object -Property date) -Columns $Columns ...