How Does Get-PSUScript -Folder work?

I want to get all scripts in a folder.

$Folder = Get-PSUFolder -Integrated -id 1
Get-PSUScript -Integrated -Folder $Folder

The “Script” above returns nothing
The Get-PSUFolder above returns a single object of type PowerShellUniversal.Folder The Folder contains a single script.

I couldnt find any docs or example of its use, its expects a “folder” object, but doesn error if you feed it anything else.

(Snippet of the script properties)

        "FullPath": "ESRI_GIS\\ESRI-GIS-Servers-To-Groups.ps1",
        "RequiredPowerShellVersion": null,
        "Environment": "Integrated",
        "ErrorAction": 1,
        "InformationAction": 0,
        "Verbose": false,
        "Debug": false,
        "CommitNotes": null,
        "DisableManualInvocation": false,
        "MaxHistory": 100,
        "ConcurrentJobs": 100,
        "Credential": null,
        "AccessControls": 31,
        "RetryLimit": 0,
        "Anonymous": false,
        "DiscardPipeline": false,
        "LongDescription": null,
        "Links": [],
        "Examples": null,
        "DefaultParameterSet": null,
        "LoadProfile": false,
        "WorkingDirectory": null,
        "ParameterSets": [],
        "Folder": "ESRI_GIS",
        "OldFolder": "ESRI_GIS",
        "ReadOnly": false

Edit, also the -name property of Get-PSUFolder doesnt seem to work either.