How can I add a dropdown to the SideNav?

I have a dashboard used to manage AD users that looks like this:

I’d like to add a dropdown right below “create” to let one choose the domain. How do I do this?


Hello @Hugepickle you cannot have a physical drop-down menu in the side nav, however you can have sub side nav menu items, so clicking on create would then show additional sub-options in the naviation…have a look at
I would personally take this approach:-

New-UDSideNavItem -Text "Create" -Icon users -Children {
        New-UDSideNavItem -Text "Domain1" -PageName "Domain1" -Icon landmark
        New-UDSideNavItem -Divider
        New-UDSideNavItem -Text "Domain2" -PageName "Domain2" -Icon building
        New-UDSideNavItem -Divider

Not sure how you linking your pages, but hopefully this gives you the drop-down you after.

Thanks, I was looking for something that wasn’t a link to a page but rather a configuration setting. As an alternative, is there a way to make a control appear on all pages? As an example, if I wanted to put a dropdown right under “Active Directory User Management” above that lists all my AD domains and shows up on every page, is that possible?

The idea is that all my pages linked on the left nav (search for users, create users, etc.) are specific to a certain AD domain so the user has to pick one. I’d like it to be possible to see which domain is selected on each page and change if needed.