Google sign in and $User variable

I am looking for some assistance with Google authentication and then using $User to determined if the user signed in is authorized to use the Dashboard.

I am gotten the Google Authentication to work. :star2:


  1. What should $User contain? (Email address or something else?)
  2. What is needed to access $User variable?
  3. My goal is query AD to verify user’s group membership, this should be doable depending what $User contains.

SIde question: It is possible to add the $user. Name to the Dashboard next to logout?

Thanks for your help in Advance.

Hi @boats2000,

The $User variable inside your auth-policies will vary depending on the auth-method.

I suggest running a:

$User | convertto-json | out-file c:\temp\user.json

To inspect the variable.

The $User varaible avaliable to non-auth policies will only contain the email-address of the relevant user.

Shout if you require any further guidance!