GitHub Deployment - notepad.exe started in background

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 3.5.5

I am upgrading one of my dashboards and so have been using GitHub sync to push updates to my dashboard. I also have the dashboard to autodeploy, thus restarting the dashboard when the new code comes down.

What I am seeing is that restarting the dashboard takes a long time. I am seeing the screen flash multiple times (white) and it typically takes 2-3 minutes before I get an active page. I started investigating this some more and have noticed that on the server, I am getting a number of notepad.exe instances started in the background (like 40+ instances). Each time I deploy, it seems I get more of these instances created. It seems like perhaps it is crashing and creating these notepad.exe instances before it is finally able to get started.

Is anyone else seeing this?