Fresh installation on RHEL

Could you help pls -
Try fresh install on RHEL 7.6, distr taken from linux zip.
and unzipped into /ELK/pwsh/universal/ - elk user is owner whole tree from root path
Universal.Server made executable.
If i run Universal.Server it available on 5000 port and logon form is available.
Then - in UI i try create new default dashboard. But on starting stage they fail with error in console:

fail: UniversalAutomation.Services.ConfigurationScript[0]
      Failed to read configuration file. dashboards.ps1
System.Exception: Failed to start dashboard.
   at Universal.Server.Services.DashboardProxy.Start(Dashboard dashboard) in D:\a\universal\universal\src\Universal.Server\Services\DashboardProxy.cs:line 123
   at Universal.Server.Services.DashboardManager.Start(Dashboard dashboard) in D:\a\universal\universal\src\Universal.Server\Services\DashboardManager.cs:line 81
   at Universal.Server.Services.DashboardManager.Restart(Dashboard dashboard) in D:\a\universal\universal\src\Universal.Server\Services\DashboardManager.cs:line 119
   at UniversalAutomation.Services.DashboardsConfigurationScript.OnReadAfterUpdateAsync(Dashboard dashboard) in D:\a\universal\universal\src\UniversalAutomation\Services\Configuration\Dashboards.cs:line 48
   at UniversalAutomation.Services.ConfigurationScript`1.ReadAsync(Boolean initialSync) in D:\a\universal\universal\src\UniversalAutomation\Services\Configuration\ConfigurationScript.cs:line 198

I can edit dashboard script from UI, but it unavailable on browser.
path ‘D:\a\universal\universal\src\UniversalAutomation\Services\Configuration’ doesn`t exist on host
Probabaly i something do wrong with permisson?
Can I install UD without access to internet? from UD host?
Also i try install on windows host through msi - and dashboard run fine, except some commandlets (New-UDPage for example) - they do nothing, but log has exception about unknown commandlet . All examples taken from