Folding text in a textbox

I am pretty sure there is not a good way to do this, but thought I would ask - perhaps something CSS that can be done. I have a dashboard built for a customer that manages all projects they have me working on. It is a simple dashboard; pulls from a sqlite db and populates a drop-down menu of all active tasks. When a task is selected, a textbox is populated with the weekly notes for that task. They or I can add to the notes based on weekly meetings, and then click an Update button which writes it back to the db.

Some of the projects have been ongoing for a while now, and have a long list of notes. The customer is asking if there is a way to fold notes older than x (each entry is dated) so they don’t have to scroll so much. I offered to only return from the db notes less than x days old, but they would like the convenience of having the full notes there if they want to refer back to them, just out of the way if they are only after the latest. Any ideas on a way this could be implemented?

Product: PowerShell Universal
Version: 1.5.16

Hello @JLogan3o13 just my 2 pence worth but you may be looking at a custom component…I mean I built this a while ago:- Ironman Software Marketplace - UniversalDashboard.UDResizeWindow not for PSU but for UD but it should still work…but yeah this component not ideal…if you can find a component on I could look at implementing it… @BoSen29 also did this custom component Ironman Software Marketplace - UniversalDashboard.UDWindow but off the top of my head that’s what is out there at the moment…maybe you could nest this in a card…? Then set it to minimise depending on the date…just a thought.